Dr. Noble attends course with Dr. Jeff Okeson

Dr. James Noble had the chance to meet the world’s expert on temporo-mandibular disorders and oro-facial pain, Dr. Jeff Okeson (http://www.jeffreyokeson.com/) from Kentucky, at the Toronto Orthodontic Study Club meeting this past Friday. Dr. Okeson gave orthodontists in Toronto and the surrounding areas a full day course on maintaining a healthy bite and muscles through orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Noble takes pride in attending at the minimum one continuing education course per month and reads cover to cover the four highest impact journals in the orthodontic domain to ensure he is up to date on the science and technology of orthodontists.   Through life-long learning and continuing education through seminars and reading journals and textbooks, Dr. Noble is committed to ensure his patients obtain the best clinical orthodontic care so they have an outstanding functional and esthetic result that will last them the rest of their lives.

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