Don’t Forget to Change your clocks on Sunday!

Don’t forget to change your clocks tomorrow! “Spring forward”  and lose 1 hour! That means you can’t sleep in, good thing it’s March break! Fortunately we gain that hour back in 6 months.  Don’t be late for your orthodontic appointment at Orthodontics at Don Mills!

Here’s some interesting information about daylight savings time:

– Hawaii and Arizona are nice all year long so they ignore daylight savings time-Germany was the 1st country to put it into practice in 1918 to encourage people to stay out int he summer and use less energy so they can conserve energy

– Saskatchewan does not have daylight savings time

-We on average save about $4 from daylight savings time but millions of dollars are lost due to sleep deprivation of employees, health consequences and the annoyance of having to plan meetings between countries who have different laws as to when daylight savings time starts, finishes or if they have it at all.

Check out this video to learn more about daylight savings time!!