Moving teeth is serious stuff!

Aside from our wisdom teeth, we have 28 teeth in our mouth.  The biomechanics of moving each and every one of these teeth harmoniously is complicated and a formidable task.  The challenge is to carefully position both the crowns and roots of each tooth in a straight and stable position in three dimensions of space in the cranio-facial skeleton allowing for the hills and valleys (cusps and grooves) of the teeth to interdigitate with one another well, so the forces of the bite are evenly distributed and the muscles and soft tissue are relaxed and in a comfortable position.  This is a task that cannot be acquired from a weekend course or two, and a task that should be trusted to a certified specialist in orthodontics who undertakes a rigorous and accredited 3 year post-graduate degree in orthodontics.

If you’re interested in having all 28 teeth in your mouth straight and a comfortable bite, please ensure you consult with a certified specialist in orthodontics. Just like you want a cardiac surgeon, not your family doctor, to perform heart surgery, you want a certified orthodontist to do your braces.  Look for the FRCD(C) designation to ensure you are treated by a certified orthodontic specialist.

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