Orthodontic Retainers are for Life

Orthodontic Retainers are for life

Before committing to orthodontic treatment, it is important to understand that you are also committing to a lifetime of retention of the final result.  As we age, the position or our lips, cheeks, tongue and soft tissues changes.  The soft tissues determine the position of our teeth which therefore also changes with time. Our teeth also have a tendency to move back to their old crooked position because of the fibres in our gums.  Once orthodontic treatment is complete, the retention phase of treatment is even more than the treatment important so teeth won’t relapse or move into a more crooked position.  Attached is a photo of a type of retainer that I use in my practice called a lower lingual bonded retainer.  It’s a stainless steel wire that is custom bent to adapt to the inside of your teeth and permanently fixed to the inside of your teeth with an orthodontic adhesive.  Flossing is certainly challenging, but this retainer will ensure that your teeth remain straight.  As long as it’s in, they will.

Approximately 60% of the patients we treat are adults and a lot of these patients have already had at least one round of previous braces.  Because they either weren’t given a retainer, didn’t wear their retainers or it was broke or lost, their teeth shifted and they now need re-treatment.  We at Orthodontic at Don Mills are committed to ensuring that the treatment we give you is the last course of braces, by giving you the best possible retainers, both fixed and removeable.  We custom bend our own lingual retainers so they fit perfectly flush on the groves of the inside of your lower teeth with a stiff wire and the wire is bonded to each individual tooth, an image is shown below.

We are team of committed professionals who look forward to meeting with you, listening to your concerns and discussing your options with you.  Please contact Dr. James Noble and the Orthodontics at Don Mills Team for a complimentary consultation

Toronto orthodontist Invisalign lower lingual retainer
Toronto orthodontist Invisalign lower lingual retainer

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