Orthodontics at Don Mills meets Matlack Van Every Design!

Recently Dr. Noble and his team members, Shelley and Enza attended the American Association of Orthodontics conference in Chicago.  This is the largest orthodontic conference worldwide and the Orthodontics at Don Mills team worked hard to learn the latest in braces, Invisalign, orthodontic technology, innovation and practice to continue to provide excellence in orthodontic care for our patients.

One of the highlights of our trip was the opportunity to meet and enjoy an evening with the designers of our beautiful new orthodontic practice, Matlack Van Every Design:  http://www.matlack-vaneverydesign.com/.  The Matlack Van Every Design team were responsible for the entire orthodontic design of the office from the space plan and construction documents right down to the final finishings and artwork selection.  Having the opportunity to share an evening with such a remarkably talented brilliant group was truly a treat.

Attached is a photo of Dr. Noble, Shelley, Enza with their design team, Joyce, Shira and Desha.

Stay tuned for updated photos of the office.  Be sure to drop by to see the office!