Patient Saved from Having Dental Implant with use of Orthodontic Miniscrews by Dr. Noble

Orthodontic miniscrews have allowed orthodontists to do so many things they never before could.  Below is an example of the power of what an orthodontic miniscrew can do.  This patient was going to receive a dental implant and instead had orthodontic treatment by Dr. James Noble that involved the placement of orthodontic miniscrews to close the space for her missing premolar.  She was spared the burden of surgery and costs of a dental implant and crown.

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Initial photo prior to space closure using orthodontic miniscrew, Dr. James Noble Certified Orthodontist, 416-447-1515
Initial photo prior to placement of orhtodontic miniscrew and space closure


Progress photo
Progress photo with space closed using orthodontic miniscrew for anchorage.