Services offered as an orthodontist in toronto

Being an orthodontist is not just about placing braces and straightening teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children be seen starting at the age of 7 years to monitor the development of their bite and the eruption of their permanent teeth.  I often recommend treatment once all the permanent teeth have erupted, however, on occasion, it may be necessary to intervene early to correct a bite that is shifting, or to assist in allowing permanent teeth to erupt, or facilitate jaws to grow.   The types of braces that I offer in my Toronto private practice include conventional braces, ceramic or clear braces, lingual (inside) braces (Incognito), as well as Invisalign.  Almost 40% of my practice is adults, so I strive to be at the forefront of technology in using clear, less noticeable materials to move teeth for these patient’s.  If you call for a complimentary consultation (416-447-1515) and I’d be delighted to discuss  options for you to begin a journey for a beautiful smile and harmonious bite.

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