Victoria Terrace here we come!

Orthodontics at Don Mills will soon be moving to a new state of the art office located within the office suites of Victoria Terrace.  Victoria Terrace is a large plaza located at the North-West corner of Victoria Park Avenue and Lawrence Avenue in Don Mills.  It is just off the Don Valley Parkway Highway at the Lawrence Avenue East exit and off Highway 401 at the Victoria Park exit (map below) right at the border of North York and Scarborough in our great city of Toronto.  The plaza also hosts a Toys R’ Us, No Frills, Good Life, Dollarama, Harvey’s, Baskin Robbins, Georgie Porgie’s restaurant and the Ministry of Transportation (you probably obtained your driver’s license at this location!).  If you’re old enough like myself you’ll remember that this was the location of a very popular movie theatre!

I can’t wait to show you the new office!