What is the Best Age to Visit an Orthdoontist?

What Is The Best Age To Visit An Orthodontist?

Age 7 ! For the last 40 years The Canadian Association of Orthodontists and The American Association of Orthodontists have been recommending that a child’s first assessment by an orthodontist be done no later than age seven.

Most often the prime purpose of this visit is to investigate the child’s facial structures and teeth for developmental problems and establish a base line for futrue comparison of the individual’s facial growth and development.

However, it is not uncommon to uncover early problems which if intercepted can prevent the need for more serious and complicated treatment later.

In recent years it has become clear that several conditions such as a crossbite and jaw excess or deficiency can have better treatment outcomes if treated even earlier.

The family orthodontist concept is gaining momentum because of this information. Ideally the orthodontist in whom you have confidence becomes your family orthodontist and assesses younger children in the family early enough to allow for forward planning and best treatment outcomes.

It’s never too late to start orthodontic treatment!

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