Welcome Kirstyn to the Orthodontics at Don Mills Team!

Welcome to the wonderful and amazing Kirstyn to the Orthodontics at Don Mills team.

Hello!  My name is Kirstyn and I’m excited to be part of the team at Orthodontics at Don Mills with Dr. Noble and Dr. Cassolato! I have had the pleasure of working in orthodontics for over 10 years. One of the things I enjoy most about my career is to see how transforming a patient’s smile can change their lives. I love getting to know our patients, asking them about their day, their lives, getting to know them and watching their self confidence grow with their braces or Invisalign treatment.  Having been through orthodontic treatment myself, I can relate to all of the positive and also the challenging aspects of orthodontic treatment. We all know wax is your best friend! Wax on, wax off!  But we also know that the end result will have us smiling for the rest of our lives.

I am born and raised in Toronto and love this city!  I am also grateful for my wonderful husband who has supported me throughout my career! He makes my life brighter every day. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and my cat Peeko!  I also love singing!  If you hear a beautiful voice singing tunes in the clinic, that’s me!  I also enjoy cottaging, fishing, gardening and I really love barbecuing and smoking delicious Italian and Greek meats on our patio.

I look foreword to seeing you all at your next orthodontic appointment! I’m so excited to be part of the Orthodontics on Don Mills team. We have a wonderful team of talented, dedicated and hardworking people who work hard to give you an amazing experience and a great result.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity to serve and I look forward to seeing your smile!

Welcome Wendy to Orthodontics at Don Mills!


Hi, I’m Wendy!  You can find me at the front desk greeting patients with a friendly smile and taking care of our patients’ scheduling needs. I’m so happy to help you with anything you may need and answer any question you may have!

I have been in the orthodontic field for over 8 years. Prior to this, I was a Registered Massage Therapist.  I have lived in east end of Scarborough most of my life and although I’m a Scarborough girl through and through I’m originally from the great land of Newfoundland and I’m true to my newfie roots. An interested fact about me is that my father is a Canadian icon and one of the most famous singer’s coming out of Newfoundland, A. Frank Willis. Just YouTube the song “Take me as I am” by A. Frank Willis for a sample of his work.  If you want to have some serious fun, YouTube, “I’m my own Grandpa” by A. Frank Willis and try to follow the incredible song that my grandpa wrote.   I enjoy spending time with friends and family in my spare time; playing board games, watching movies, and hiking.  My bucket list includes learning to play the guitar, taking a family trip to Hawaii, and travelling across Canada to explore our beautiful country.

I am excited to be part of the incredible team at Orthodontics at Don Mills and work with Dr. James Noble and Dr. Sandra Cassolato. What an amazing field to be in where we get to know patients and follow them in an important stage of their lives to give them confidence!  We have an amazing and friendly team at Orthodontics at Don Mills and we work hard for our patients! I look forward to serving you to create amazing smiles!

iTero Digital scanning for Invisalign at Orthodontics at Don Mills in Toronto.

In our quest to provide our patients with the latest cutting edge technology, the iTero Element intraoral digital 3D scanner by Invisalign is the latest new technology available at Orthodontics at Don Mills in Toronto.  Our patients can now avoid the messy and gooey dental impressions previously taken during their Invisalign treatment and study models.  It is the cutting edge in technology and aligns with our mission in providing our patients with the latest and best technology.

In only approximately 5-10 minutes, a detailed and accurate 3D image of your mouth is captured for immediate viewing!  This avoids the gagging associated with dental impressions and allows us to accurately treatment plan on the spot.

How the scan is made, is that a sophisticated wand (similar to a large size pen) takes many quick pictures of the different areas of your teeth and gums.  These are quickly streamlined into a complex software that replicates these images for immediate display on a screen.  This is saved as an stl file.  This file can then be sent to the dental laboratory where appliances can be custom made for a variety of different orthodontic purposes.  This file can also be sent to Invisalign (Align technology) which is incorporated into a software program. Dr. Noble and Dr. Cassolato then communicate with this software program to fabricate a series of custom made trays, or aligners.  Aligners are made by Invisalign and are worn by patients through the day.  The aligner fits tight so that it creates a slight amount of pressure and it is changed each week . With each week, more pressure is added according to the program of your orthodontist.  Slowly, the teeth move, in a very biological and pre-determined way, provided the aligners are worn.  And slowly, your teeth get straighter and straighter as the bite is programmed to also fit well in three dimensions.  With the iTero scanner, these trays are manufactured from very detailed measurements and the accuracy of these appliances is remarkable. You can learn more about the iTero digital scanner by viewing the following video:



iTero Digital scanner

If you have any questions about the iTero element or digital scanning for your Invisalign treatment in Toronto, please don’t hesitate to call Orthodontics at Don Mills at 416-447-1515 for your orthodontic needs. The team at Orthodontics at Don Mils is here for you!  We would be delighted to meet you for a complimentary consultation.


Thank you patients at Orthodontics at Don Mills for donating!

We received this heartfelt note today from the Daily bread food bank in thanks for the donation of 600 pounds of food for those in need over the holiday season. Congratulations to our wonderful patients. In our ongoing effort we are going to continue our campaign and Orthodontics at Don Mills will be a hub for donations of non-perishable foods throughout year for the Daily Bread Food bank. We will continue to have contests and rewards for our patients who donate. A heartfelt yhank you again for your contribution and for fighting hunger in Toronto, from all of us at Orthodontics at Don Mills.

Orthodontics at Don Mills - Dr. James Noble thank you
Orthodontics at Don Mills – Dr. James Noble thank you


Orthodontics at Don Mills fights hunger in Toronto, Scarborough and North York

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful patients for their very kind and generous donations of non-perishable foods for those in need of food this past holiday season! The Daily Bread Food Bank was in great need this  past year and just look at the incredible donation were are able to give! This means a lot especially at that time of year. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you a million times. Pictured here is Marisa and Cheri as well as the driver from the Daily Bread food bank, Chris Noto.  We are still accepting donations of food in our ongoing effort to give back to the community and fight hunger in Canada.

Welcome to our newest team member Emily!


Hello my name is Emily and I can’t wait to meet you! I am a Level II dental assistant and it is my pleasure to greet and welcome you in our practice. I will help take your X-rays, impressions for retainers or Invisalign and photos for your treatment. I enjoy playing sports, spending time with my son and enjoying the outdoors or good movie. I look forward to being a part of your orthodontic treatment and providing you with outstanding care with the amazing team at Orthodontics at Don Mills.